New Obsession: AchieveMint (or, how to earn free money for stuff you already do)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement nor am I being sponsored  by, or asked to promote, AchieveMint. I just think it’s a cool app and wanted to share it with the three people that read my blog. (Hello, faithful readers!) If you like it, great! And if not, that’s cool, yo!

Okay, and off we go!

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I love a good bargain. Paying retail for anything is hard for me to justify. If it’s on sale, or better yet, clearance, I’m all over it. Thrift stores are my favorite places since they are sustainable for the environment, the closet, and the wallet. Plus, thrifting in Boulder has its perks! There always seems to be great fitness gear in like-new condition just waiting for me.


Helly Hansen Tech Shirt scored for six bucks.

Helly Hansen Tech Shirt scored for six bucks from the Humane Society store. Recycling, supporting the local no-kill shelter, AND I look cute. WIN WIN.

The other thing you should know about me as a runner is that races keep me motivated to train. Yes, I appreciate running’s many benefits and I take satisfaction from them, but if I don’t have a race on the horizon, it’s easy for me to start skipping runs in favor of easier forms of exercise. Or doughnuts.  Or those chocolate mousse parfaits they have at Whole Foods. Bless my thighs that concoction will be the death of me.

As you know, races cost money. Hence, when my brother-in-law told me about an app he uses to earn money for doing his regular fitness activities and tracking them with his Fitbit, I thought, “I have a Fitbit. I use it every day. Please tell me more, awesome brother in law.” (FYI, you do not need a Fitbit to use the AchieveMint app, but more in that in a sec.)

So here’s what happens. First, you create a free account with AchieveMint, and sync the fitness and social media apps you are already using to your AchieveMint account. Then, AchieveMint gives you points based on the activity you track with your apps. So if you track your run using  MapMyRun or RunKeeper, AchieveMint might give you 66 points for a 2 mile run. After 50,000 they will send you an electronic VISA gift card for 50.00.

That’s totally one race entry. You could maybe even get two 5ks for 50 bucks. That’s TWO FREE RACES, people. And free is always better.

Case in point: free H/H Tech T I won from the BB10K for Instragraming a selfie at the race

Case in point: free H/H Tech T I won from the BB10K for Instragraming a selfie at the race

The beauty is that there are lots of different ways to earn points. If you check in at the gym using FourSquare, BOOM, 65 points. If you tweet a healthy article, that’s another easy 5 points. If you log your sleep with your Fitbit, that’s 20 points. You earn points for using apps like Facebook, Instagram, and FitnessPal, to name a very few. You get a big bonus for each app you connect with your AchieveMint account, and if you use a Fitbit device, the points rack up even more quickly. You can set weekly goals, such as running four times a week and cycling twice, and earn a big bonus if you complete them.

Points rack up pretty quickly, and the more you exercise, the more points you can earn. I’ve been using the AchieveMint app since 6/9/14 and I’m already at 8540 points. A good fitness week for me right now is running 6 miles, cycling 2 miles to work 4 days a week, walking 1-2 miles a day for my job, and squeezing in yoga or cross training once a week if I’m super lucky. If you’re training for a marathon, the points could rack really up fast.


Living the Colorado dream; mountain biking and golfing, and getting paid for it.

Living the Colorado dream; mountain biking and golfing, and getting paid for it.

I have a Fitbit One and I have it synced with MapMyFitness. AchieveMint connects with both to give me points for the steps I took and the walking I did in a day, even though it’s really the same activity. Check out the screenshot below to give you an idea of how points accumulate.


So far, I’m loving it. I find myself constantly checking my point accumulation and wondering how long it will take me to get to 50k points. I don’t feel that the money is motivating me to be fit, but that it’s rewarding me for stuff I’m doing anyway. I plan to reinvest my ‘winnings’ back into myself by paying for races and whatever else I need to stay fit. That includes cute, functional gear. Priorities, man.

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