Countdown to the BolderBOULDER

I have many goals for 2014. I wrote them all down on a nice crisp sheet of college ruled notebook paper and pinned them to my inspiration board  beside my writing desk. Number three, below cultivating calmness and patience, was “run the BolderBoulder“.  I viewed this goal as the next step in my motivation to keep running since fun-run 5ks don’t hold quite the same charm as they used to. Plus, the BolderBoulder is my hometown race. It’s been around a long time, and as a native of Boulder I felt is was something I should do at least once in my lifetime. It’s my birthright. Right?

Apparently, I had no idea what I was getting into. Apparently, this race is legendary. Apparently, Runner’s World thinks the BolderBoulder is America’s best 10k. Apparently, 54 thousand people ran the BolderBoulder last year.  My assumption that the race would have maybe 20k runners was totally wrong. Silly native Boulderite that I am, I’ve never actually seen the race in person. All my life, I somehow managed to avoid Boulder like the plague on race day. When I was a kid living in the Mapleton Hill neighborhood, my family prepared for the race as if we would be under attack come Memorial Day. All our BBQ supplies were purchased by the previous Thursday night. Dad made sure to stock up on beer long before the crowds swarmed Liquor Mart. We tried not to lave the house all weekend. But this year I find myself repelling the teachings of my youth and following the herd into Folsom Field instead.

I started training in January, like  every good New Year’s resolution maker/goal setter should. Then, three weeks later, I injured my left knee as a result of careless clumsiness. It took eight weeks for my knee not to hurt when running, plus, it’s was winter and I had to face a hard truth. Colorado girl that I am,  I don’t like running in the cold and snow. I was legit worried about slipping and falling. All of this taught me something, though. Apparently, I’m a wimp-sissy-la-la who really just needs to buck up and order some Yaktrax already.  Winters here are beautiful, and draped in a soft, white, peaceful, quiet that you can’t experience at any other time. So, I can learn to ignore it when my nostrils freeze together and I can’t breathe, right? Sure I can.

I picked up C25K again 4 weeks ago and was feeling great. After a minor 2 week set back due to lack of time (stupid finals and overtime at work), I’m back at it again this week. The BolderBoulder is in six days. Am I ready? Meh, I feel ready enough. I’m not going to be as strong as I wanted to be when I set this goal in January, but I’m ready to set a pace to beat for 2015. I’m ready to see what all the fuss is about. I’m ready to participate in a homegrown event that is steeped in tradition with a passionate following and rich history. Mostly, I’m super stoked to be a Boulderite running in the BolderBoulder.

Sorry I have no photos for this post. Until I can take some of my own, I have none to share that aren’t copyrighted. I’ll be posting about my BolderBoulder race experience on the running blog Scootadoot sometime next week, and photos will be included!

4 thoughts on “Countdown to the BolderBOULDER

  1. I can’t wait to read all that you have to say tomorrow. But until then… I’m supremely proud of you and I love you the most. xo

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