Fit Post – Crazy Week 1; Reach Your Peak Training & The Color Run

My body hates me right now.  After a serious backslide over the winter, I decided I should make up for at least a few months of that winter hibernation in the space of five days. Yeah, because I’m crazy. Or stupid. Either way, my body is rebelling. But that’s totally okay, because I had SO. MUCH. FUN.

This week was this first week of Reach Your Peak Training sponsored by TRUBLUE Auto Belays. I was determined not to sabotage my workouts by not eating well. I LOVE sweets and anything that is fried. And fried sweets? OMG. At the dogs shows, I can never resist the delectable smell of funnel cake and they always make me sick. I don’t care. It’s sweet. And Fried. I’m half Texan, so I blame it on that.

I did really well this week, taking my lunch 4 days out of 5 and eating salads and fruit. The hardest thing to give up is baked goods. I can’t believe how hard it is. I did break down and buy some raspberry oat bars. They were from a healthy bakery at a well-known grocer, so that’s okay, right? Right.  By the end of the week, it didn’t matter. I KNOW I worked them off.

Rock climbing is more fun than I expected, and I’m getting great results (which I write about on the blog linked above). After 3 sessions at the climbing gym this week, I know the program is going to help me build strength in all the areas I want to target.

And, because I hate my body, I ran the Denver Color Run today. It was a really happy 5k, and I ran it with really awesome people! We called ourselves ‘Scrambled Legs’.

Team Scrambled Legs!

Team Scrambled Legs! Nick, Steve, Laura, Beth, yours truly

My necklace and headband were a big hit!

My necklace and headband were a big hit!

There were about five thousand runners participating. We managed to get in line toward the beginning of the crowd, kinda, and ended up in wave sixteen. Luckily, the weather couldn’t have been better and the temperature was in the low seventies. We waiting for our turn, dancing and soaking up some color in true Color Run spirit!

Starting off!

Starting off!

I’m not going to lie, my calves were in pain in the first 100 yards. I am that out of shape. I was determined to get some idea of how fast (or slow) I was, so I pushed myself as far as I could without risking an asthma attack. It wasn’t long before I lost my teammates, but I kept a pace that I could manage. The course was crowded but beautiful. Denver City Park is full of gorgeous old trees that provide lots of shade, and the running paths are clean and well-kept. The route circuited the lake, weaving and back-tracking throughout the park.  The race energy was great,  the music was loud, and the color was flying!

Running through the Pink station

Running through the Pink station

Can't beat Denver's enthusiasm; people were rolling in the color!

Can’t beat Denver’s enthusiasm; people were rolling in the color!

I bumped into teammate Laura and ran with her for a bit as we entered the last mile. I had to take a break soon after and slowed to a brisk walk. I wanted to save some lung power to run across the finish line. After a few minutes and a few more switchbacks,  I could see the finish line. I felt a burst of energy and wove my way through the crowd. I crossed the line in 42 minutes; a time I will totally take!

Aaaaand DONE!

Aaaaand DONE!

There were still waves of runners starting the race when I finished, so I was really grateful we were in an early wave. The team did great, and everyone was pleased with their time and their runs. We were happy and thoroughly colored, but we still had our color packets to throw. Once the team was reunited it was time for MOAR COLOR!

IMG_0669 (800x533)IMG_0674 (800x533)

We had so much fun! I would do this race again in a heartbeat. The team is already talking Electric Run in August. Depending on other commitments, I may participate. My husband was wonderful for following us around and being our team photographer; he did a great job!

I’m kicking off week 2 of my fit re-vamp with enthusiasm and great soreness. I plan to renew my commitment to yoga, too, as I am missing its many physical and mental benefits. That’s my goal for this next week!

7 thoughts on “Fit Post – Crazy Week 1; Reach Your Peak Training & The Color Run

  1. Awesome pictures (yay, Rick!) and I vote YES for the Electric Run. I’ll be doing the DC one in September.

    You LOVE your body, which is why you’re taking it to the next level. You’re amazing.

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